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Wow Drops .32 Oz

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Wow Drops .32 Oz
Wow Drops .32 Oz
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enjoy wow drops - .32 oz every day at these amazing prices! <ul> <li>the world's most powerful</li> <li>super concentrated</li> <li>lick-a-drop</li> <li>use for bad breath, colds, cough, and sore throats</li> <li>all natural</li> <li>one tiny drop is all it takes!!!</li> </ul> <p>wow drops is great for hot tea and humidifiers during the cold and flu season. in place of an aerosol freshener, for household use, add 10 drops in a water spray bottle. to eliminate odors in your car, simply add 10 drops in the outside air inlet vents at base of'll be amazed!</p> product characteristics include: peppermint oil and chlorophyll. (please note: description is informational only. always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)

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