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Bhi Diarrhea Relief (1x100 TAB)

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Bhi Diarrhea Relief (1x100 TAB)
Bhi Diarrhea Relief (1x100 TAB)
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safe. effective. natural. the formulas for bhi's medications were devised by h.h. reckeweg, m.d., a renowned physician and researcher. in 1936, dr. reckeweg founded heel gmbh, located in baden-baden, germany. heel grew to be the world's leading manufacturer of combination homeopathic medicine. in 1979, dr. reckeweg relocated to the united states where he began developing a new line of homeopathic medicine based on his years of expertise in developing the heel formulas. subsequently, the bhi formulas are the most innovative in the industry.all heel bhi products are homeopathic combination formulas based on a therapy concept called homotoxicology. homotoxicology combines detoxification with homeopathy to provide effective and fast-acting relief by facilitating and eliminating toxins. it is an effective way to treat many symptoms of the same disease as well as revitalizing and supporting the defense system.

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