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Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Herb Tea (1x16 Bag)

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Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Herb Tea (1x16 Bag)
Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid Herb Tea (1x16 Bag)
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enjoy traditional medicinals organic ginger aid herbal tea - caffeine free -16 bags every day at these amazing prices! <ul> <li>sealed fresh</li> <li>promotes healthy digestion</li> <li>usda organic</li> <li>herbal dietary supplement</li> <li>kosher</li> <li>california certified organic farmers - ccof</li> <li>knowledge ? efficacy</li> <li>sustainability ? partnership</li> </ul> <p>every tea bag in this box has been individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, ensuring that the beneficial components of the herbs remain intact.</p> <p>from the corners of the earth, to the bottom of your teacup, we're preserving tradition and creating a sustainable future. for over 30 years we have been making herbal teas blending the ancient art of traditional formulating with the most modern methods to ensure you a consistently reliable and good tasting cup.</p> <p>we know that you choose to live as if there is a tomorrow, as we do. that's why we purchase our herbs and manufacture our teas sustainably. whether it's working with a cooperative of herb collectors, supporting organic herb farmers or using solar and wind power to offset our electricity use, we believe that teas that are good for you should be good for the earth.</p> <p>what will organic ginger aid do for me? organic ginger aid promotes the flow of digestive juices and increases tone in the muscular walls of the stomach, a normal process that keeps the digestive system ready to function. how do i know it works? ginger tea is traditionally used for indigestion and clinical data supports its use for the prevention of nausea and vomiting. when should i use it? drink 2-3 cups daily 30 minutes before meals to warm and prepare your digestive tract for food or enjoy it after meals if you've over-eaten or feel bloated. how does it taste? there's lots of pungent, spicy ginger in ginger aid. it's also sweet, with a twist of lemon (lemon myrtle, that is).</p> product characteristics include: ginger rhizome, blackberry leaf, stevia leaf, natural lemon flavor. (please note: description is informational only. always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)
IngredientsPromotes Healthy Digestion* Non-Gmo verified; All Ingredients Certified Organic; Kosher The highest quality, pharmacopoeial grade herbs. Personality: Spicy and soothing. Herbal Power: Gets the digestive juices flowing, relieves indigestion and prevents nausea associated with motion. Reason to Love: If you??e a fan of the spice, or just dig ginger?? digestive soothing properties,* you??e going to love this spicy herbal blend. With plenty of hot and pungent ginger, as well as a blend of mellow blackber

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