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Traditional Medicinals Fennel Tea (6x16 Bag)

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Traditional Medicinals Fennel Tea (6x16 Bag)
Traditional Medicinals Fennel Tea (6x16 Bag)
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enjoy traditional medicinals fennel tea (6x16 bag). traditional medicinals fennel tea (please note information is descriptional only. please refer ingredients on product prior to use and please consult your health professional with any health or dietary matters before use.)
IngredientsThe ancients of many cultures revered fennel both for its licorice-like aroma and taste, as well as for its charming properties. Attributed with the power to bestow long life, courage, strength and even to ward off evil spirits, we modern plant people highly regard fennel for its capacity to ease uncomfortable feelings of fullness, bloating or gassiness, or as an all-around promoter of healthy digestion. Gender: unisex.

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