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Shea Moisture

sheamoistures fragrance-free, gluten-free baby healing lotion moisturizes skin without the risk of irritation caused by synthetic colors and fragrances. helps to nourish, protect babys sensitive skin while calming and soothing dry, irritated skin...
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SheaMoisture Pre Shave Oil  Beard Softener and Skin Protector  Three Butters  Men  2 oz
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this pre-shave oil softens the beard and preps skin, helping the blade glide over for a close, comfortable shave. coconut oil delivers hydration while jojoba oil softens and smooths skin. sandalwood oil soothes irritation and inflammation...
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our sugar wax is an all-natural alternative to hot waxing. it is water soluble (it can be washed off with soap and water) and it contains no mineral oil or petroleum jelly, which can irritate and clog pores. applied at body temperature, this natural wax alternative does not burn skin. it effectively..
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