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Organyc Cotton Flat Panty Liners (1 x24 Count)

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Organyc Cotton Flat Panty Liners (1 x24 Count)
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Organyc Cotton Flat Panty Liners (1 x24 Count)
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enjoy organyc cotton flat panty liners - 24 pack every day at these amazing prices! <li>sensitive skins + <li>100% organic cotton <li>naturally absorbent <li>prevents skin irritation <li>24 panty-liners <li>light flow <li>healthy for you and the environment 24 panty liners organyc is ideal for women who want to avid any contact with synthetic material s on the skin and feel fresh, safe and clean, while choosing a hypoallergenic product without any negative effect on the environment. over 80% of women who react to contact with plastic and synthetic materials have reported that they prefer cotton. you will feel the benefits of cotton within the first month of use. <li>made of 100% certified organic cotton hypoallergenic breathable <li>100% certified organic cotton on the skin, hypoallergenic, breathable <li>100% organic cotton | chlorine free | biodegradable made of 100% certified organic cotton - no petrochemicals superabsorbent - hypoallergenic dermatologically tested - not tested on animals - perfume free - no latex or plastic - chlorine free made in italy (please note: description is informational only. always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)

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