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Oregon's Wild Harvest

Oregon's Wild Harvest A/F Ech/Glndnsl Orange (1x1OZ )
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a dietary supplement intended to give support the immune system, especially during those times when the immune system needs an extra boost...
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our aller-aid with quercetin combination is made with organic freeze-dried nettle and other supporting nutraceuticals, providing a formula that is backed by scientifically researched ingredients...
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this premium ashwagandha is certified organic. we harvest and use only the thick roots which are classified as grade i, and are considered to be of the highest quality...
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this combination of organic astragalus and organic reishi is widely used in traditional chinese medicine. the organic reishi is carefully grown on organic millet to nurture its level of polysaccharides, and the organic astragalus root is classified as premium grade due to the age and the size of the..
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Bilberry (1x60VCAP)
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this antioxidant powerhouse is made by blending the whole organic bilberry with bilberry standardized extract containing 25% anthocyanosides to provide a balanced formulation, based on that used in clinical studies...
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our organic black cohosh root is carefully and responsibly harvested to ensure a sustainable supply of this endangered, top selling women's herb...
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this certified organic burdock root is grown in the rich soil of the pacific northwest...
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we have chosen an organically cultivated source of cayenne as research indicates that pesticides and herbicides are commonly used on cayenne crops. this organic cayenne is high in carotenoids - as shown by the intensity of the red color...
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the whole organic chaste tree berry is milled immediately prior to encapsulation to retain the natural constituents present in this herb including flavonoids, iridoid glycosides and terpenoids...
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the benefits of organic cloves are attributed to its essential oil content, and our expertise helps us preserve and retain these oils by appropriate manufacturing methods...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Echin/Gldnsl W/Vit C (1x90VCAP)
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this blend of organic echinacea, organic goldenseal and oregon grape are either organically cultivated on our certified organic farm, or wildcrafted using sustainable practices...
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this organic blend of the two most popular echinacea species (echinacea purpurea and echinacea angustifolia) is carefully grown on our certified organic farm. the herbs are harvested when they are most potent, and processed immediately to retain their beneficial constituents...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Echinacea/Vit C/Zinc (1x90VCAP)
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the premium organic echinacea is blended with important vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced formula. the organic echinacea is harvested from our organic farm and promptly dried and milled prior to encapsulation...
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this golden, pure, unrefined organic edible oil is produced by a cold-press process from the seed of the evening primrose...
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the certified organic fenugreek seeds in this formula are milled prior to encapsulation to preserve the active constituents naturally present in this herb...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Frz Drd Feverfew (1x90VCAP)
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we carefully harvest this organic feverfew herb in the pacific northwest by hand, so that we can produce a premium product and retain the many natural constiuents of feverfew...
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freeze-drying the organic nettle leaf has proven to be an effective method of capturing and preserving the naturally occurring compounds that are present in the stinging hairs of the nettle. tender young shoots are carefully gathered in the early spring and processed immediately to assure high quali..
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this organic garlic supplement is carefully processed to retain many of the important compounds that are naturally found in raw garlic...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Goldenseal (1x50VCAP)
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our organic goldenseal is harvested at its peak potency from the fertile volcanic soils of our certified organic farm...
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this premium extract is made using fresh, organic goldenseal roots that are harvested at their peak potency from the fertile volcanic soils of our certified organic farm. the roots are immediately processed into the extract to ensure maximum levels of valuable constituents...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Green Tea (1x90VCAP)
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these organic green tea capsules and made with whole organic green tea (gunpowder) and standardized organic green tea supplying 50 mg ecgc and 110mg polyphenols. this green tea extract is solvent-free and water-extracted to supply concentrated levels of catechins, polyphenols and egcg...
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in this combination, gymnema leaf standardized to 75% gymnemic acids is combined with certified organic whole gymnema leaf. this provides a balanced formulation including hundreds of synergistic compounds from within the whole leaf...
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this organic hawthorn supplement contains the leaves, flowers, and berries of organic hawthorn, which contain a variety of bioflavonoids; potent antioxidants that appear to be primarily responsible for the cardiac actions of the plant...
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Kelp Herbal Cap (1x90VCAP)
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this certified organic kelp thallus is grown in clean ocean waters. the 'organic' status assures that each harvester must monitor their beds for sustainability. they must keep their freshly picked plants clear of possible contaminants throughout the harvest transport, drying and packing process. the..
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this premium organic maca root is hand-harvested by families who use only gentle processing methods to ensure that the herbal properties remain intact. the sustainable methods and standards used in the production of this maca are certified organic by a usda accredited agency. the care and integrity ..
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