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Muscavado Blueberry Plum Sorbet

Muscavado Blueberry Plum Sorbet

Muscavado Blueberry Plum Sorbet is :

gluten free , dairy free , lacto ovo vegetarian , vegan

Prep Time: 12 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Total time: 42 minutes
Yield: 10 Servings
Tags: Vegan
Health Score: 0 %


1 cup

3 Tablespoons

lime juice

1 - 1/2 cups

1 Tablespoon



  1. Combine Muscavado sugar with 2 cups of water in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, and stir until the sugar dissolves.Gently tip the blueberries and plums into the sugar syrup. Simmer the fruit over medium heat for 12-14 minutes or until it cooks down and softens.

  2. Remove pan from heat.Carefully add the hot fruit and liquid to a blender. Cover the lid with a tea towel and blend until smooth.

  3. Transfer to a bowl, cool, then chill overnight.When ready to churn, pour lime juice and vodka into the fruit puree and whisk well to incorporate.Follow your ice cream machine instructions to churn puree into a soft sorbet.

  4. Transfer to a freezer-safe container and allow to solidify in the freezer for at least 4 hours before scooping and serving.

Wine Pairing :

  • cream sherry
  • moscato dasti
  • port

Cream Sherry, Moscato d'Asti, and Port are my top picks for Frozen Dessert. A common wine pairing rule is to make sure your wine is sweeter than your food. Delicate desserts go well with Moscato d'Asti, nutty desserts with cream sherry, and caramel or chocolate desserts pair well with port.