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Molotes is :

dairy free , lacto ovo vegetarian , vegan

Prep Time: minutes
Cook time: minutes
Total time: 45 minutes
Yield: 12 Servings
Tags: Vegan
Health Score: 2 %


1 tablespoon

baking powder
1 cup

2 cups

masa harina
1/2 teaspoon

1 inch

vegetable oil
1 teaspoon

vegetable shortening
2 - 1/2 cups



  1. In a large bowl thoroughly mix the flours and baking powder.

  2. Add the shortening and salt and mix well.

  3. Add water to give the dough the consistency of soft cookie dough. Divide into 12 balls and cover with plastic wrap.Using a tortilla press, flatten a ball of the dough between sheets of plastic to make a medium-large (5-inch) tortilla.

  4. Remove the top piece of plastic.

  5. Add your desired filling to one side of the tortilla, then fold in half and press edges together with a fork creating a seal.Shallow fry in a little oil until golden brown, about 2 minutes on each side.

  6. Drain on paper towels and keep warm in the oven at about 250 degrees F. Best when served warm.

Wine Pairing :