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Grandy Oats

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Grandy Oats Agave Granola - Goji - Case of 25 - 1 lb.

Sweetened with vegan friendly, low glycemic Agave Nectar and Blueberry Juice. Loaded with Goji Berri..


Grandy Oats Classic Granola - Mix - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

Our Organic Classic Granola is our most popular item. You can order it in a variety of bulk sizes to..


Grandy Oats Crisp Granola - Chocolate Almond - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

For the chocolate lover in you, this tasty treat goes great with organic vanilla yogurt...


Grandy Oats Herb Cashews - Garlic - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

Organic Cashews lightly roasted with Garlic and our own unique blend of herbs...


Grandy Oats Roasted Cashews - Curry - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

Dry roasted with a smoky blend of spices including paprika, cumin and others. A touch of Cayenne giv..


Grandy Oats Roasted Cashews - Maple - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

An addictive favorite Delicious organic trail snack containing cashews, roasted in maple syrup, pure..


Grandy Oats Swiss Style - Muesli - Case of 25 - 1 lb.

Muesli is one of the best selling cereals worldwide. Our Organic Swiss Style is a best seller loaded..


Grandy Oats Trail Mix - Antioxidant - Case of 10 - 1 lb.

Sierra Magazine voted this healthy snack "1 Trail Mix" One of our best selling items, now available ..