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Earth Friendly Wave Jet Rinse Aid (1x8 Oz)

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Earth Friendly Wave Jet Rinse Aid (1x8 Oz)
Earth Friendly Wave Jet Rinse Aid (1x8 Oz)
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enjoy earth friendly wave jet rinse aid - 8 fl oz every day at these amazing prices! remove spots and residue from your dishes the all-natural way. wave jet is the ultimate dish washing spot eliminator: it does its job without using petro chemicals, itís 100% biodegradable, and it comes in a convenient 8 oz. bottle. earth friendly products uses only plant-based, recycled, animal-friendly materials to make their many useful, environmentally friendly products, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. product characteristics include: water, natural earth salts, coconut oil derived surfactants. (please note: description is informational only. always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)
IngredientsCase of 12 8-ounce bottles of dishwashing detergent (total of 96 ounces).All natural spot and residue eliminator for auto dishwashing machines.Contains no petro chemicals; biodegradable and recyclable.Just fill the rinse agent dispenser in your dish washing machine and refill as needed.Made in the United States.

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